The $FAV Token is Now Live!

The $FAV Token is now live on Chiliz X and PancakeSwap! $FAV is the cornerstone of Football at AlphaVerse. Every transaction, purchase, & interaction with $FAV fuels our ecosystem. Our…

The $FAV Token is now live on Chiliz X and PancakeSwap!

$FAV is the cornerstone of Football at AlphaVerse. Every transaction, purchase, & interaction with $FAV fuels our ecosystem. Our vision is to make $FAV the universal token for all things football, bridging digital & physical worlds.

How to purchase $FAV?

11 billion units of the $FAV Token have been minted. They are allocated between the BNB chain and the Chiliz Chain.

$FAV on PancakeSwap (BNB Chain):

On the ChilizX Exchange (Chiliz Chain):

What is Football at AlphaVerse?

Football at AlphaVerse (FAV) is an AI-Powered 3D Interactive Entertainment Platform dedicated to Football, where fans can deeply engage with their favorite football clubs. It is open to everyone and free to play. Key pillars include accessibility, personalized experiences, digital rewards, and fan engagement.

Partnership with Top Tier Clubs

  • Real Bétis Balompié
  • Sporting Clube de Braga
  • Spezia Calcio
  • São Paulo Futebol Clube
  • Cardiff City FC
  • Deportivo Cali
  • and many more.

In both cases, make sure to:

  • Use reputable exchanges and bridges.
  • Confirm that you’re using the correct network
  • Be aware of gas fees and network congestion

The $FAV Token Ecosystem

  • Primary Utility of the $FAV Token: The $FAV token functions as the main token for the Football at AlphaVerse metaverse. Its uses include trading NFTs, staking for higher-tier NFTs, purchases within the ecosystem, and participating in game activities. It also offers web 3.0 native visitors and stakeholders additional benefits.
  • Distribution of the $FAV Tokens: The tokenomics of the $FAV include a planned allocation for ecosystem development, in-game economy, a treasury reserve, fund raising, liquidity, team rewards, and advisors’ compensation. There is also an incentive pool for early adopters.
  • Balancing Supply and Demand: The design of the $FAV token aims to satisfy long-term engagement through controlled inflow and outflow of tokens, periodic replenishment of reserves, and a balance between supply and demand to ensure stability. It emphasizes rewarding users who retain the token over time.
  • Token for Real-life Benefits: $FAV token allows users to upgrade their profiles, buy NFTs, which open up real-world benefits such as VIP entries to restricted events and tangible benefits such as stadium visits or match tickets. The token fosters engagement and communication between fans, providing opportunity to earn rewards and real-life perks.


I – How can the $FAV token serve Football at AlphaVerse best? The $FAV token is central to FAV’s ecosystem, used for purchasing NFTs, micro-transactions, governance decisions, referrals, mini-games, and staking. It’s designed to be versatile, rewarding long-term holders, and maintaining a balanced supply and demand.

II – Gamification and Sell Pressure Reduction: FAV caters to various users, including clubs, fans, content creators, gamers, Web3 natives, and sponsors.

III – User Journeys within the Football at AlphaVerse Ecosystem: Users can be clubs, players, fans, content creators, gamers, Web3 natives, or sponsors. Each group has unique paths and rewards, with $FAV tokens used for mini-games, NFTs, digital swag, and more.

IV – $FAV Token Ecosystem: $FAV is at the core of the FAV’s metaverse, with allocations for ecosystem development, in-game economy, treasury, fundraising, development, liquidity, team, and advisors. Early adopters receive additional rewards to encourage participation.

V – Token Faucets and Sinks: $FAV tokens are acquired through purchases, staking, community incentive, creator sales, and referrals (faucets). They are used for NFT purchases, digital items, raffle tickets, mini-games, and staking (sinks). This balanced approach ensures long-term stability and demand.