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you are unique

This is why we have created the AlphaVerse, the first metaverse on the blockchain combining many different universes.

From The Hub

of AlphaVerse, the central place, you can join multiple universes.


is dedicated to a specific topic or cause, and offers you tons of opportunities to play games; meet people and join communities; learn about, promote and support causes; earn, purchase and sell NFTs.


As you enter a universe, you can fully customize your experience.

  • Create and build a unique avatar.
  • Hang out with friends.
  • Buy property like land, buildings, flats.
  • Attend and host events.
  • Promote and support causes.
  • Interact with businesses and celebrities.


Everyone can participate. Our ecosystem includes Learn to Earn, Create to Earn and Play to Earn mechanisms such as renting, staking, organization of events with revenue share and much more. You’re in charge, you can pick the best options that suit your needs.


AlphaVerse will launch in the summer of 2022, but lands, buildings, flats and other are already available on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Venly.



The first inclusive metaverse created by and for LGBTQ+ people and allies. Meet friends from all over the world, play games, attend and host events, support LGBTQ+ causes, interact with LGBTQ+ businesses and celebrities.

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The first metaverse dedicated to the environment, health, social good, sustainability and fighting climate change. Take part in initiatives and contribute to creating a fairer society and a more sustainable world.

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The first roller coaster game on the blockchain. Build fully customizable amusement parks with jaw-dropping rides and roller coasters, exciting landscapes, attractive restaurants and facilities. As you play, you can earn, purchase, upgrade and sell NFTs.

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A universe dedicated to electronic music and charity. The home of renowned DJ and music producer, David Guetta and his “United at Home” charity program in the metaverse.

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Xave World

Immerses you in an open virtual world in constant expansion and change, where you can explore new places, play, create, and interact in an extraordinary way in various spaces that will lead you to unique experiences, face to face with your favorite artists and musical styles.

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teleportation system

To ease the user’s journey into the metaverse, Alphaverse created a beacon system for users to teleport their avatar from Point A to Point B inside the Hub. The beacons are available in each district to facilitate traveling from one destination to another.

billboards & streaming

On the buildings, inside apartments, inside boutiques, inside Community Houses and in many other places, users will find billboards. In essence, billboards are screens that the owner can use to display content, both static and animated. All the Boutiques sold inside the Hub will include

communities & community houses

Walk the streets and explore buildings to find communities you like, or simply create yours. We offer tools such as billboards, and more to be delivered in the near future such as voting systems.

games & entertainment

Play mini-games and activities head to the cinema and you can watch a movie. Or spend time hopping in and out to the many places where you can buy and trade NFTs.

You can also purchase a flat in the Hub and choose to make it private or public. In there, you will be able to upload and stream your own content to entertain your friends.


Purchase Lands, Buildings and much more!



the Hub