How will participants converse?

AlphaVerse will support P2P, group text chat, voice chat, and video chat.


Will players be able to customize their avatars, and customize their property?

Our development team is prioritizing the development of layered and complex player properties, including personalization of avatars and attributes.

These will be paired with accessible customization tools. In the same manner, the team is working to both provide first-party and to integrate third-party building tools.

Can I rent space?

Yes. You can rent space from other owners using blockchain smart contracts. In addition, retail and event space will be available for rent in The Hub.

How do I create items and games?

The Multiverse will support both native and third-party creation tools.

Who can enter buildings, flats, houses?

There will be some privacy rules, i.e. you will be able to restrict who can enter your private place.

What can I do with a piece of land, a house or a store?

You can rent it, build on it, host events, make it private or open it to the public. You can sell it in the multiverse marketplace, and in most instances on third-party marketplaces.

You can also use your store to sell your NFTs.

How can I see the NFTs I have purchased?

In your metamask wallet.

If you happen to buy an NFT on an exchange that does not support BSC, we will swap it for a BSC-compatible NFT at no cost.

Where are my NFTs in AlphaVerse?

When you have purchased an NFT, you will be able to modify the name represented in the metaverse.

  • For a piece of land, you will see your name on the land
  • The same will apply to a house, building, flat, etc

There will be some privacy rules, i.e. you will be able to restrict who can enter your private place.


What if you buy an NFT of AlphaVerse on OpenSea or other market place that does not support BSC?

If you happen to buy an NFT on an exchange that does not support BSC, we will swap it for a BSC-compatible NFT at no cost.

How do I create an account?

Join our waiting list to stay informed and gain early access to AlphaVerse.

What equipment or software do I need to enjoy AlphaVerse?

The metaverse will be a browser-based experience, so you will need a computer, browser and internet access. Technical specifications for hardware will be provided at a future date.

Which blockchain technology is used in AlphaVerse?

AlphaVerse will use Binance Smart Chain. If you happen to buy an NFT on an exchange that does not support BSC, we will swap it for a BSC-compatible NFT at no cost.

Which game engine is used in AlphaVerse?

AlphaVerse is being developed using Unity.


Where is the supplier Casino on the blockchain?

The supplier Casino is being developed by the ICICB Group. It is a different universe, and will be connected to the AlphaVerse to offer players a seamless connection between the 2 metaverses.

What is the difference between AlphaVerse and supplier AlphaVerse?

The supplier AlphaVerse is a district of the broader AlphaVerse. Our company has secured a license from supplier to use the supplier brand name & logo, as well as the names and logos of supplier games, for the purpose of branding the supplier AlphaVerse.

So the supplier AlphaVerse is a district of the bigger AlphaVerse. And the supplier AlphaVerse is not the only universe. You can also go to other universes that are NOT branded supplier. Some universes will be about music, some about specific games or experiences.

What will players do in AlphaVerse?

Players will be able to play, create, interact, socialize, collaborate, discover and build value. By emphasizing engagement, utility, and rewarding a wide variety of behavior, the multiverse will encourage active participation.

For more information, please see “User Experience” below.

What is the Hub?

In AlphaVerse, there is a Hub, a central place.  The Hub is the center of the AlphaVerse; acting as a starting place, a gathering place, a place of discovery, and a portal to the multitude of worlds that surround it.

With its open plaza surrounded by oversized screens and kiosks, The Hub will play an important role in accessibility and discovery. Personalized messaging, broadcast streams, and data visualizations will introduce participants to a universe of sensory experiences.

In a nutshell, from that Hub, you can go to different universes. One of them is the supplier AlphaVerse (see below).

How many universes in AlphaVerse?

AlphaVerse aims to connect many universes into one large metaverse. AlphaVerse is the first metaverse that aggregates other universes in the blockchain space into one shared ecosystem. We will connect as many universes as possible: some will be developed by our company, others will be developed by third-parties.

Participants will be able to travel across universes, experiencing new and different things, all while being able to bring their content and assets with them wherever relevant.


What is AlphaVerse?

“AlphaVerse” is our commercial name to designate our Multiverse. We chose the prefix “Alpha”, which means “one” in Greek, to clearly spell out our goal which is to be the largest of the metaverses.

Our company is uniquely positioned at the convergence of blockchain, gaming and popular culture, with a distinct vision for the project that leverages the company’s brand recognition, strong industry relationships, valuable IP, and growing footprint in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

What is a Multiverse? What is the significance of the term Multiverse?

A Multiverse is a new term coined by our company. A Multiverse is a universe of universes.

The term Multiverse is significant because it speaks to our approach, one that champions creativity, utility, monetization opportunities, variety of currencies, and an approach that welcomes the integration of third-party technology and IP.

What is a Metaverse?

The Metaverse is used to describe the concept of a future iteration of the internet, made up of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces linked into a perceived virtual universe.