Does AlphaVerse run on top of its own blockchain?

AlphaVerse is being developed on the BNB Chain (previously named Binance Smart Chain)

What is the game engine used by AlphaVerse?

AlphaVerse is built on the latest version of Unity.

What are the minimum system requirements to run AlphaVerse?

The minimum system requirements to run AlphaVerse are:

Operating System: Windows 10

Processor: Intel i5-4590 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or better

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 390 or better

Memory: 8GB RAM or more

Storage: 10GB free hard disk space or more, High-speed internet connection.

Is the AlphaVerse available on Mac?

As of early 2023, AlphaVerse isn't available on MacOS. We are currently working on adapting AlphaVerse to MacOS

Is the AlphaVerse available on mobile and tablet?

As of early 2023, AlphaVerse isn't available on mobile or tablet. In the future, we will issue a companion app for the AlphaVerse

The Universes

What types of universes are there in the AlphaVerse?

AlphaVerse is designed to be the leading gateway to metaverses.

It allows players and crypto-enthusiasts around the world to access three types of metaverses: Universes owned and developed by CBI; Universes developed by CBI with partners; Universes developed by third parties and connected to AlphaVerse through the Hub.

How many universes are there in AlphaVerse?

AlphaVerse is made up of multiple virtual universes, each with its own unique theme and characteristics. The number of universes is constantly growing as new ones are added over time.

Can I create my own universe in AlphaVerse?

As of 2023, we are integrating third party professional metaverses. However, we are working on a Software Development Kit (SDK) to allow each and every user to build a universe inside the AlphaVerse

User Experience

How can I customize my avatar?

Thanks to our collaboration with Ready Player Me, players now have the ability to fully customize their avatars!

With the new 3D avatar creator, players can create a unique and personalized character to use across all universes developed by AlphaVerse. Unleash your creativity and make your avatar truly your own in the exciting world of AlphaVerse.

What kind of environments are available in AlphaVerse?

AlphaVerse offers a wide range of virtual environments, from realistic simulations of real-world locations to fantastical and futuristic landscapes. Each environment is designed to offer a unique and engaging experience for users.

How can I see the NFTs I have purchased?

Your NFTs are stored on the wallet you linked to your AlphaVerse account, you will be able to view your NFTs inside your inventory in AlphaVerse and also in your wallet interface. If you linked a MetaMask address to your account the NFTs you bought in the AlphaVerse will be stored there.

How can I interact with other users in AlphaVerse?

You can interact with other users in AlphaVerse by using the in-game communication tools, such as voice chat, text chat, and gestures. You can also participate in group activities, attend events, and join communities.

Can I customize my flat?

Alphaverse will offer a wide range of assets in order to allow you to fully customize your flat.

The Hub

What is the Hub?

The AlphaVerse Hub is the heart of the AlphaVerse, the place where you will make your first step in the metaverse, socialize and enjoy a condensed experience of everything you'll be able to find in our Multiverse.

How do I navigate the Hub?

To navigate the Hub, you can use the movement controls on your keyboard or gamepad to move around, and interact with objects and other users. You can also use the menu or map to access different areas within the Hub. A beacon network will also allow you to fast travel between different locations.

What are Districts?

Districts are specific areas within the AlphaVerse metaverse that are dedicated to a particular theme or activity, such as gaming, art, or sport. You can access these Districts to participate in related experiences, meet other users with similar interests, and engage in various activities.

What are Arenas?

Arenas are dedicated spaces within the AlphaVerse where you can find shops and community houses managed by other users and dedicated to a specific thematic. The Arenas is the place where the user generated content thrives!

What are Community Houses?

Community Houses are the new innovative way to socialise and gather communities in web3. Those special places inside the Hub, are owned by Drifters who wants to gather communities around a similar passion. Display your content, launch new projects, organize events, raise funds, organize DAO... There are endless new ways to develop web3 communities with Community Houses.

What are Boutiques?

Boutiques are virtual storefronts within AlphaVerse, where you can purchase and/or sell virtual items (NFT or SFT), such as clothing, accessories, and other items for their avatars. Boutiques are typically operated by individual users or organizations, and provide an opportunity for users to earn money by selling their creations, or to purchase unique items to express their style in the metaverse.


What is AlphaVerse?

AlphaVerse is the first metaverse on the blockchain to move beyond a single-universe experience by combining many different universes. Each of them offers a different look and feel and a different experience for the user. It’s literally a universe of universes. Some universes are fully developed and operated by AlphaVerse. Others are developed and operated by third parties. Players can move seamlessly from one universe to another, using the same username and wallet.

What is a Metaverse?

The concept of the metaverse is still evolving, but most people will agree that it is an immersive, persistent, shared, 3D digital space which is an extension to the real world. The metaverse is what many see as the future iteration of the internet, namely, Web3. If you want to know more, we have some excellent informative articles for you in our blog.

What makes AlphaVerse different from other metaverse platforms?

AlphaVerse emphasizes user-generated content and community-driven experiences, with a focus on creating an open and accessible metaverse for everyone. Additionally, AlphaVerse utilizes cutting-edge technology such as blockchain to provide a secure and transparent platform for you.

Is AlphaVerse free-to-play?

AlphaVerse is a free platform, but some experiences or content within the metaverse may require a fee.

How can I start using AlphaVerse?

To start using AlphaVerse, simply sign up for an account on the AlphaVerse website and download the required software. From there, you can start exploring and creating in the metaverse.

How can I communicate with other users?

You can communicate with other users in AlphaVerse by using the in-game chat featuring public channels, private messaging, and group chats. We're also working on implementing voice chat inside our universes.

Can I publish my own content into AlphaVerse?

Yes, you are encouraged to create and share your own content in AlphaVerse. Whether you're a designer, developer, artist, or just someone with a great idea, you can bring your creations to life in the metaverse.


How will the AlphaVerse economy function?

AlphaVerse will have a tiered economy, with primary & secondary marketplaces, third-party market integration, and micro-transactions to increase adoption. The economy will also reward participation, similar to a loyalty or rewards program, and allow individuals and organizations to take part in that reward loop.

Can I earn money in the AlphaVerse?

Yes, you can earn money by creating and selling NFTs but also small experiences in AlphaVerse, as well as participating in the in-game economy.

Will I need a cryptocurrency wallet to participate?
Which cryptocurrencies are used in AlphaVerse?

Our goal is to offer maximum flexibility to the players. AlphaVerse uses Binance Smart Chain. In the AlphaVerse Hub, we will allow for the use of BNB and other cryptocurrencies, including CRYS for transactions. In any other connected universe, the situation may be different. If the universe is operated by a third party and they already have their cryptocurrency, we will allow for the use of that cryptocurrency in that specific universe.

What is the CRYS token?

The CRYS is the native utility token of the Alphaverse ecosystem. CRYS will allow you to make peer to peer transactions inside the AlphaVerse such as buying NFTs and/or SFTs, buy and/or rent billboard for advertising, participate in staking programs and unlock exclusive discounts on AlphaVerse products.

Which type of assets are accessible in the AlphaVerse?

AlphaVerse will offer differents assets in the form of NFT, SFT or in-game assets.

Will I be able to buy things other than real-estate with CRYS?

Yes, on top of the real-estate available in the various universes, you can buy in-game assets, skins, and other customization elements. Furthermore, CRYS tokens can alos be used to purchase tickets to events such as concerts, conferences, etc.