Football at AlphaVerse Development Update #4

As usual, we will review the latest development achievements, the upcoming tasks for Q4, and the tools made available to the community.

Here is the Development Update #4 for Football at AlphaVerse.

As usual, we will review the latest development achievements, the upcoming tasks for Q4, and the tools made available to the community.

The Football at AlphaVerse Island (FAV Island)

  • This is the central place of Football at AlphaVerse, connected to the Hub of AlphaVerse, this is where players meet. 
  • We have started the process of defining the content plan and selecting which types of content / assets will be made available in FAV Island.
  • This includes the list of communities, the events in FAV Island as well as mini-games.
  • For each of these action items, a plan is being finalized to define the content to be uploaded and the process to provide updates on a regular basis. 
  • From a general standpoint, what makes FAV Island unique and very interesting is the broad approach we have taken, aiming at ultimately covering every single aspect of the sport. 
  • This includes not only the various geographical areas, but also the degree of professionalism of the players (youth teams, pro teams) or the various types of competitions (championships, cups, national vs. international, etc..).

The Football at AlphaVerse Mobile App

  • We have announced the upcoming launch of our mobile app “Football at AlphaVerse”, which will complement the experience of FAV Island. 
  •  This mobile application is designed to cover football worldwide, combining news, live matches, public and private discussion forums and community building.
  • Technical submission to distribution platforms will take place by the end of the year, for a launch as soon as the necessary approvals have been obtained.

The Fanzones

  • Most of the development time is allocated to the review of the Content Plan for each Fanzone. 
  • We have now finalized the Content plan for one of them. 
  • For instance, this particular Club has a long derby history with another club located in the same city, and we are creating a Community House dedicated to this rivalry. 
  • They are also part of an alliance formed with other clubs, to promote certain meaningful off-the-pitch topics. 
  • Now, this leads to a series of very interesting discussions with the other clubs.
  • Do they also have a rivalry against another club? Should we dedicate a Community House to that topic?
  • Are they also part of some form of alliances with other clubs? Or do they support charity programs that we should promote in their fanzone?
  • This is an ever-evolving story, reflecting the influence of these clubs in their respective communities.


  • ​​We keep organizing raffles of tickets in Europe and South America. The last giveaways were for the following games:

Braga vs Union Berlin & Real Sociedad vs Sevilla

  • Make sure to follow-us on social media to stand a chance to win! 
  • In the next Development Update, we will provide more details about the mini-games and the meta-game. We wanted to cover the mini-games and the meta-game in the current update #4, but decided to spend more time on the Mobile App as this was something really new.

Here is another sneak preview of one of these games! 

The development team is now moving towards multiplayer content and activities, adding more universes, and another round of community playtests

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