AlphaVerse Development Update #2

Two weeks ago, the development and production teams delivered their first development update on AlphaVerse and the different universes.

Two weeks ago, the development and production teams delivered their first development update on AlphaVerse and the different universes. 

Here is an update covering the ongoing work on the features, art assets and the roadmap.

The Hub and the Universes

  • The team is working on important features;
  • Every user will be able to upload and stream video content in certain areas;
  • These videos will first have to be uploaded on Youtube or Twitch;
  • This feature will be available throughout the universes and will be used by us as admin, by players, by owners of Community Houses (we will talk about Community Houses in the next Development Update), by football clubs or by anyone interested in streaming content in AlphaVerse;
  • This feature is very important within AlphaVerse, as new content will be made available on a constant basis.
  • Tutorial videos are being prepared, showcasing the purpose of this feature and its simplicity of use;
  • As part of these upcoming tutorial videos, the team will also showcase some new sections of the environment that have been recently upgraded;
  • We have made the first private test of our upcoming poker game with a major casino operator in Europe; the core functionality, i.e. being able to play traditional online Texas Hold’em poker while talking with your friends using a video chat in one single application, was very conclusive; The team is now improving the user journey, including registration, table selection and other ancillary social features.

Football at AlphaVerse

  • Football at AlphaVerse is an an AI-Powered 3D Interactive Entertainment Platform dedicated to Football, Clubs and Fans
  • T2 fanzones which have been officially submitted for approval;
  • Once these fanzones are approved, the team will use our proprietary SDK (Software Development Kit) to integrate the key features of AlphaVerse: multiplayer, billboard management system, chat, etc..
  • More than 12 clubs have signed, and we just revealed one of them this Monday, Deportivo Cali (Colombia).
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  • So far, we have given away more than 600 tickets for games 

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NFT Collections and Tokens

  • No new collection of NFTs has been released over the past two weeks
  • Below is a recap of useful links for your convenience


Pairs available on ChilizX: FAV/CHZ & FAV/USDT 

Pair available on PancakeSwap: FAV/USDT


  • We just completed a complete demo with one of the top football clubs of the English Premier League, highlighting each of our features
  • Here is another sneak preview of one of our mini- games!

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