What is MetaCoaster®



MetaCoaster is a roller coaster game on the blockchain.

In this game, you can enjoy different modes and gameplay features, and the most valuable assets in the game can be acquired, upgraded, and sold as NFTs.

You have two currencies in this game: the cryptocurrencies (BNB, CRYS and other tokens) to buy NFTs; the soft currency needed to purchase trees, benches, and other game assets not offered as NFTs.

This game aims to allow you to build fully customized amusement parks.  It is a casual game, and we intend to add more complex features as the game grows.

You will fully manage these parks; rides can be built or demolished. The player can adjust terrain and scenery, “terra-formed”, locations of rollercoasters, rides, and restaurants, and the level of prices, which you can control to increase the keep level of satisfaction of visitors or « peeps » and keep them happy, so the park generates more money.

Earning money is not the only goal, as the game also emphasizes the level of satisfaction of the peeps and other factors.

Game Modes

You can play the game in a solo or multiplayer mode, and players can compete among themselves in different challenges.

In the MetaPark mode, a solo mode, your goal is to progress through different parks, starting with a small park and upgrading to a large park. We will have 20 parks available at launch, and we will keep adding. We will give you the land, and your goal will be to make your way up, grinding, earning, or buying NFTs.

A Solo mode does not mean a lack of competition, as there will be competition using a leaderboard measuring different parameters.

You will be able to participate no matter what when you join the game, as we will make sure to organize competitions among players of similar levels.

In the MetaWorld, a multiplayer mode, your goal is to develop the value of your land. You will have to purchase one or multiple plots of land and develop your amusement park.

Our world is an octagon comprised of 132,205 plots of land. You can own as much land as you want. Each land contains 9 tiles, and there is a subway exit/entrance on each of these tiles. Depending on the quality of your park, peeps (AI-driven visitors) will visit and spend more or less tokens in your park.

To ensure no one is at any disadvantage, each lot of land has a similar number of subway entrances, from where peeps can enter or exit your park.

Even if you are on the fringe of the world, you will be surrounded by 5 rows of AI-driven amusement parks to ensure you are not at any disadvantage.

MetaChallenge mode is a multiplayer mode where players stake a similar amount of tokens and play for a set duration. The pot is split among the winners according to the prize list. We will reward not only the most valuable parks at intermediate stages or at the very end, but we will also have other goals, such as peep satisfaction. This mode will be introduced at a later time.

MetaDuel mode is a one-on-one mode where two players stake a similar amount of tokens and NFTs, and the winner will take all. This mode will also be introduced at a later time.

Our MetaWorld

Our world is an octagon consisting of 132,205 plots of land. Each land comprises 9 tiles. You will be able to split your plot of land and sell some of the tiles in a second stage. Stay tuned for more announcements!

Each plot of land offers the same potential in terms of gameplay. You can terra-form each plot, add lakes and ponds, or create hills.

There are 9 subway exits/entrances on each plot, one exit/entrance per tile. Again, each plot of land, and each tile, have the same potential.

Even if you are on the fringe of the world, we have 5 rows of AI-driven parks, so you are never alone.

In a later phase of MetaCoaster, you will be able to design your own roller coasters. In the Coaster Builder interface, you can use all types of roller coasters parts to build the craziest roller coaster and make your park truly unique.

Economy of the MetaWorld

How to earn tokens

Throughout the MetaCoaster game, players will be able to use the BNB and CRYS Tokens to purchase land and other NFTS.
In addition, players will be able to use other tokens to purchase specific plots of land or NFTs, depending on their location or feature.

Peeps are AI-driven characters in the game. They walk on paths and are attracted (or not) by the fun factor of your park. The fun factor also influences the spending level of these peeps.

On average, we re-distribute at least 70% of the tokens spent by all the players to purchase NFTs from us through primary sales: coasters, attractions, restaurants, and other NFT game assets, excluding land sales. The proceeds from the land sales and from game assets other than NFTs are kept for game development, promotion, donation, other initiatives, team compensation, and profit.

The more fun your park, the more tokens you will earn. The MetaWorld is a worldwide competition, so make sure to remain at the top of your game!

Using assets between different game modes

Throughout the MetaPark Mode, you will be able to unlock roller coasters, flat rides, shops, and restaurants. To help you bootstrap your park at a minimal cost, some of those unlocked assets will also be unlocked as NFTs and transferred to your wallet.

Once you buy a plot of land in the MetaWorld’s crater you will be able to use those NFTs as the first building blocks for your park.

This way each and every player buying a plot of land will be able to partake in the MetaWorld global competition with minimal spending. But, note that you’ll still need to purchase other NFTs to keep improving your park.

Connecting with your neighbors

You can create a path until the edge of your tile. If your neighbor does the same and both paths do connect, peeps will easily travel from your park to another.

So you will be able to benefit from the peeps visiting your neighbor’s park. Of course, this goes both ways, so be careful not to lose to a more powerful neighbor with a better park.