Play to Earn

AlphaVerse will always reward creativity, play time, participation and community engagement.

In addition, owning land, flats, houses and NFTS in the AlphaVerse provides many opportunities for owners to benefit as follows:

• Game designers can create their own games and monetize from players utilizing them

• Designers might create their own specialized experience within their land providing various opportunities to profit

• With our minting factory, create and sell your own collection of NFTs!

• Renting land, house, flat or any other NFT is an attractive option for allowing other designers to use your land for an agreed-upon time

• Customize your land, house or flat with something special and resell it

• Organize events to promote the uniqueness of your estate

• Each owner can form themed estates with other players’ land to connect similar themed experiences to help build an audience

• Giveaways are a fantastic way to bring in people to check out or compete in your particular site/experience and expand following

• As an NFT owner, you have a stake in making the AlphaVerse something fantastic and unique!




AlphaVerse will be a platform for innovation in NFT utility.

We are initially offering land, buildings, flats, different types of houses. More categories will be added at a later stage.

Some assets will not be on the blockchain, but only in the Unity game engine.

These are smaller assets (chairs, tables, posters, trees, benches, fences, etc…) that players will use to decorate their land, houses, flats, etc.

For each NFT, the number available is clearly mentioned as part of the minting process. Please check them out.

AlphaVerse will have different universes. Each of these universes will have a specific and limited number of lands, depending on the gameplay and on the proposed experience.



Crypto-currencies will be used for governance, and to buy NFTs. A soft currency will also be used to purchase minor assets (chairs, tables, decorations, etc…) in the game, but not as NFTs.

You will need a wallet to participate in the AlphaVerse. Your wallet is your account. Having said this, you will be able to enjoy some of the games and the experiences without spending any currency. We plan to offer a guest feature in the near future, i.e. to enable you to join the AlphaVerse without a cryptocurrency wallet. Our goal is to offer maximum flexibility to the players.

In The Hub, we will allow for the use of BNB and other tokens as well as other crypto-currencies, including CRYS for governance and for transactions (See Governance).

If you do not have any crypto-currency, you will be able to join the world but you will not be able to trade NFTs.

The number of universes in the multiverse will be limitless, and it will be expanded in controlled phases.



We believe in a decentralized, player-driven metaverse. In the initial phases of development, the metaverse will start as a more centralized environment and governance will expand and evolve over time. In order to establish proper governance, we have a specific token on BSC (Crystal – CRYS). CRYS can also be used for transactions.