MetaCoaster® FAQs

Version April12, 2022

Overview & Games Modes

MetaCoaster is a roller coaster game based on the blockchain (BNB Chain, formerly Binance Smart Chain). In MetaCoaster, you can build a fully-customized amusement park. It is a casual management game, and we intend to add more complex features as the game grows.

The most valuable assets in the game can be acquired, upgraded, and sold as NFTs. With MetaCoaster, YOU own the key game assets, and all microtransactions are replaced with a real market economy.

In the MetaPark Mode, you are free to design the park of your dreams with very few constraints.

The MetaPark mode comprises 20 different levels unlocked through a progression system. This solo mode will guide you through a series of Levels and Achievements, allowing you to unlock more and more features.

This game mode is entirely free. You can unlock the levels and features faster using a transaction system.

The MetaWorld Mode, also called MetaWorld,  is a massively multiplayer game mode based on a play-to-earn economy. This game mode takes place in a vast crater featuring plains. Moreover, you can terraform your park to add ponds, lakes, and hills.

The playable area inside the crater is an immense octagon composed of exactly 132 205 plots of land, where players can build their own park.

Here, you need to buy an NFT land plot to start playing in this multiplier blockchain-based game mode.

The MetaChallenge mode is the second multiplayer mode.

Contrary to the Main Mode, here, you have a time constraint. In the beginning, all players stake the same amount of tokens. Then, you have to build the best park in a limited timeframe.

When the competition is over, the staked tokens are split amongst the winners, depending on the features of the tournament. There are several types of tournament rules and multiple winners in each tournament.

The MetaDuel Mode is pretty similar to the MetaChallenge Mode. Here, two players stake the same amount of tokens and enter a park building duel. At the end of the duel, the winner pockets its opponent’s tokens.


A good amusement park is a diverse one. In MetaCoaster, you have access to many different assets (roller coasters, flat rides, shops, restaurants) and decors. Like in real life, to build a good park you need to think about your visitors (MetaPeeps) at all times.

The best parks are the ones that deploy the best combination of buildings and decors to keep the MetaPeeps satisfied. You can assess the overall quality of your park by checking its attraction level in-game. To increase the attraction level, you need to use a mix of roller coasters, flat rides, and shops to make your park UNIQUE and beat the competition.

The MetaPeeps are the AI visitors coming to your park. Depending on how you arrange your park, they spend more or less virtual currency.

Your goal is to create a diverse park with roller coasters, flat rides, and shops to satisfy the MetaPeeps. To keep the MetaPeeps’ satisfaction level to a maximum, make sure to design a coherent path for them because once they choose to leave the park for the day, their decision is final. If you only place roller coasters and flat rides, the MetaPeeps will go hungry and leave the park to get some food elsewhere.

The MetaPeeps will always travel on the paths you create for them. Thus, you need to plan out the design of your park carefully.

Each type of ride has a designated entrance and exit. After exiting a ride, a Peep might be thirsty or hungry and need a restaurant near the exit with a path you created between the ride and the restaurant.

MetaPeeps have two ways to travel from one park to another.

They can arrive through subway exits or use an existing path between two parks. Those exits won’t encumber you while designing your park, meaning you can place buildings everywhere in your park regardless of where the exits are.

The second option is simply walking from one park to another. To allow this type of pathing, you have to build a road on the outskirts of your park if it’s adjacent to another park. This means that having good neighbors will be a considerable advantage for players since the adjacent park will have a lot of MetaPeeps visits, and you can benefit from those MetaPeeps exiting the park and coming to yours.

To run smoothly and avoid accidents, all rides need to be maintained. When you place a ride, it has a basic maintenance level of 100.

Over time and depending on the usage of the ride, its maintenance bar depletes itself.

The maintenance level diminishes according to three parameters:

  • The number of cycles it completes
  • The number of MetaPeeps using the ride on each cycle
  • The passage of time

So, even if you have no MetaPeeps using a given ride, it will require maintenance after some time. The maintenance bar will deplete faster if a ride is extremely popular and utilized repeatedly at full capacity.

Once the maintenance level of your ride reaches 30, the ride needs to be maintained, or it will close until it is repaired.

Each ride and park has its own Attraction level. Our AI determines that level based on complexity, location in the park, nearby attractions, and many other factors.

We do not reveal that formula; you have to figure it out if you can. The AI is adapted, updated, and improved constantly.

In a later phase of MetaCoaster, you will be able to design your own roller coasters. In the Coaster Builder interface, you can use all types of roller coasters parts to build the craziest roller coaster and make your park truly unique.

NFTs and Play to Earn

A crypto wallet is the equivalent of a real-life wallet used to store, send and receive crypto assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs. In essence, crypto wallets are pieces of software allowing you to interact with different blockchains. The most popular crypto wallet is called MetaMask and is available as a desktop app, a mobile app, and a web browser extension.

MetaCoaster, mainly through its MetaWorld, is a blockchain-based game. To interact with the MetaWorld, you need to create a wallet before buying your first MetaCoaster NFTs and receiving your crypto rewards once your park is fully operational.

Throughout the MetaCoaster game, you can use the BNB and CRYS tokens to purchase land and other NFTS.

In addition, you can use other tokens to purchase specific plots of land and NFTs, depending on their location in the world or features.

In the MetaWorld of MetaCoaster, constructible terrains are called plots of land. You need to buy at least one plot to partake in the worldwide park building competition of the MetaWorld.

There are 132 205 Pots in the MetaWorld crater. Each Plot is an NFT that can be bought, sold, and exchanged.

You can own any number of plots of land you want. Each plot of land comprises 9 tiles, and there is a subway exit/entrance on each of these tiles. Depending on the quality of your park, MetaPeeps (AI-driven visitors) will visit and spend more or fewer tokens in your park.

To ensure no one is at any disadvantage, each of your lot of land has a similar number of subway entrances from where MetaPeeps can enter or exit your park.

Even if you are on the fringe of the world, you will be surrounded by 5 rows of AI-driven amusement parks to ensure you are not at any disadvantage.

To buy a Plot and start building your park, you will need a crypto wallet and some tokens. Once you have created your wallet and funded it, you can visit any NFT marketplace and search for *MetaCoaster*.

There are two types of land sales:

  • Primary sales when you purchase from us
  • Secondary sales when you buy from another player.

Alphaverse organizes the primary sales. The secondary sales are players or traders that bought a plot in a primary sale and are reselling it.

In MetaCoaster, there are flat rides and shops-facilities in addition to the roller coasters. Each of them can be bought and sold on a marketplace.

Roller coasters are the main elements of any good park as they procure the most sensations to the MetaPeeps.

You can create and then upgrade your roller coasters.

Flat rides are the second form of entertainment in amusement parks. They have a flatter design and are necessary to create diversity and increase the overall rating of your park.

Last but not least, the shops & facilities where the MetaPeeps can buy food, refreshments, and souvenirs.

Before placing a ride in your amusement park, you must buy it on an NFT marketplace.

To start, you have to connect your crypto wallet to the platform. There, you will see a list of MetaCoaster assets listed on the marketplace and available as NFT Game Assets. Select the NFT of your choice and proceed with the transaction.

Once the transaction is completed, you will be able to use the NFT in the game.

In the MetaWorld Mode, players earn tokens depending on the attractiveness of their park.

Each MetaPeeps visiting your park will spend money in it by buying tickets and buying items (food, beverages, souvenirs, etc.) in shops.

In a second stage, we will also add the option for real players to visit your park and spend tokens on attractions and games.

As the park owner, you keep all the money spent by the MetaPeeps and the players and spend it on improving your amusement park.

Once you have earned or purchased NFTs and other game assets, your goal is to create the best possible park for the MetaPeeps. For each and every primary sale of NFTs in the game (excluding land), 70% of the amount will be re-injected into the game economy. Thus, the reward amount will be a function of the monthly primary sale building NFT volume.

MetaPeeps are AI-driven characters in the game. They walk on paths and are attracted (or not) by the fun factor of your park. The fun factor also influences the spending level of these MetaPeeps.

On average, we re-distribute at least 70% of the tokens spent by all the players to purchase coasters, attractions, restaurants, and other game assets, excluding land sales. The proceeds from the land sales are kept for game development, promotion, donation, other initiatives, tram compensation, and profit.

The more fun your park, the more tokens you will earn. This is a competition, so make sure to remain on top of your game!

Throughout the MetaPark Mode, you will be able to unlock roller coasters, flat rides, shops, and restaurants. To help you bootstrap your park at a minimal cost, some of those unlocked assets will also be unlocked as NFTs and transferred to your wallet. Once you buy a plot of land in the MetaWorld’s crater, you will be able to use those NFTs as the first building blocks for your park. This way, each and every player buying a plot of land will be able to partake in the MetaWorld global competition with minimal spending. But, note that you’ll still need to purchase other NFTs to keep improving your park.